Inbound Route pattern matching CID - which takes priority?

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I have a question about the priority in which the inbound routes are followed when receiving a call. I know the default priorities are documented on the wiki, but my question surrounds the priority order when pattern matching and setting priority CIDs.

Inbound Route 1:
We are using pattern matching to allow certain area codes to bypass an IVR. For example 01234XXXXXX (each routing to IVR 1). A DID is also specified.

This works as expected until I added inbound route 2, for a priority phone number with cid priority set to yes (e.g 01234 567890 routing to ring group 1), then instead it follows the pattern match (route 1) above as DID and CID are defined. This route is also set to CID Priority ‘Yes’.

How can I program the system so that 01234 567890 overrides the pattern match route (1)? I can’t remove the DID from route 1. Would adding a DID and CID to the priority route override the pattern match?

I appreciate that my question is slightly complicated, so to put it simply, does a 100% DID&CID match have priority over a DID and CID pattern match?


Priority (first match is taken):

  1. Route specifies DID and CID, both match.
  2. Route specifies CID, CID Priority Route is set to Yes, CID matches.
  3. Route specifies DID, DID matches.
  4. Route specifies CID, CID matches.
  5. Route specifies any/any.
  6. Call routed to ‘not in service’ error message.
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But that does not state what when when a specific DID and a CID pattern as well as a DID and CID match both match.

DID: 3145551212 - CID Pattern: _314XXXXXXX
DID: 3145551212 - CID: 3145551313

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You are correct, and there seems to be a bug – the patterns are placed earlier in the dial plan than the exact matches, when it should be the opposite. (At least, it’s a bug in my Core

A workaround, which shouldn’t break when the bug gets fixed:

DID: 3145551212 - CID Pattern: _314XXXXXXX
DID: _3145551212 - CID: 3145551313
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