Inbound route or trunk issue

Hi All,

First time poster, thanks for the community.

I been using voip at home for the past 4 months. I have several hardware sip phones but only two yealink t20p phones are currently in use. I had the same config provided by my call providers configured into the phones, so i had two accounts on both phones, one with the other with

However as i was unable to transfer calls i thought i would look at getting a pbx to take care of this and this is how i discovered freepbx.

I have been able to get the extensions to work. I have extensions 101, 201 & 301 currently in use. 101 & 201 are the yealink phones and 301 is a software app on my iphone. If i call any of these numbers, they all ring and two way speech is successful.

I have 3 trunks. 1 x localphone & 2 x ukddi.

I have entered my localphone config into a trunk and it appears to have registered correctly. I am able to make outgoing calls on all 3 extensions. However i am unsure if the ukddi trunks are working.

FreePBX System Status shows 3 trunks and 3 ip phones online.

The problem that i have, i cannot receive any incoming calls at all. I cannot even be sure if voip calls are incoming as i do not know of a way of testing it.

if i set inbound route to terminate calls and place calls on hold forever, my phone that i am calling from does not go on hold. If i point the call to go through to an extension, i also do not receive the call. I just get an engaged tone after several seconds.

Can anyone please assist me with some help. I will provide the logs if you are clear with instructions.
Thanks all.

i have a ukddi phone number and i have