Inbound route not immediately answering call to specified extension

I have an inbound route setup to go to ex. 201 but it seems like PIAF (which is using FreePBX) is not taking over (i.e answering the line after 1 ring) immediately like it does when the call goes to the 'catch all inbound route, then subsequently to the ‘Ring ALL’ ring group. Eventually, it will go to the 201 voicemail, but the other phones in the house continue to ring until it goes to the extension 201 voicemail. I just want to make the PBX pickup the line as soon as it can (after it gets the CID info) and only ring extension 201. I have posted the problem here but still haven’t found a solution.

Turn off Fax detect (if on ) and answer it with a queue or an announcement (or something that gives answer )if you have other phones external to Asterisk attached.

Are you sure you have the correct DID programmed for that inbound route. Seems like the new route to 201 is never being activated. Another common problem is that something is placed in the caller ID field of the inbound route.

Just to explain to all.

Inbound routes are not “answered” until something “gives answers” or “goes off hook”, so your external regular SLT’s connected in parallel on that line will ring until that event happens, my recipe will stop them ringing after a couple of rings (to gather the CLID “spill”) and then only ring the “failover”, in your case you will make that 201. But bear in mind that all those phones will hear your conversation if they go off-hook themselves.

Where is fax detect located? These are the options I have for a destination in the incoming route

Call Flow Control
Custom Contexts
Feature Code Admin
Misc Destinations
Phonebook Directory
Ring Groups
Terminate Call
voicemail Blasting

I had it set to go to extension 201. What do I need to set it to to get the result I want (i.e. pickup after caller ID and ring only 201 until it is answered)?
What do I need to I am pretty sure I have the inbound route DID set correctly because the catch all route doesn’t pick it up.


As I said, I would use an announcement, you can use “nothing” for the recording to be played, that is up to you . . .