Inbound route not being followed still an issue

Confused why my inbound route isn’t working

I’ve posted about this before but didn’t get a response (which is totally fine!)

but I’m still confused as to what’s going on.

My inbound routes are here

and the call trace is here

Anyone know why the call isn’t being picked up by the

caller’s number is 04225181022
matching pattern I have _04225X8X0XX ? The time condition is set to
Current: Temporary Override matching state

Why the underscore in front?

Routing calls based on the caller ID number of the person that is calling. Define the caller ID number to be matched on incoming calls. Leave this field blank to match any or no CID info. In addition to standard dial sequences, you can also put “Private,” “Blocked,” “Unknown,” “Restricted,” “Anonymous” or “Unavailable” in order to catch these special cases if the telco transmits them. Caller ID can be specified as a dial pattern when prefxed with an underscore, so for example to intercept all calls from area code 902, CID can be specified as “_902NXXXXXX” (without the quotes).

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Looks like you have two inbound routes, one that will match the CID of the call, and one that will match the DID. If so, are you aware of the ‘CID Priority Route’ setting in inbound routes that’s used to determine which route governs in this case?

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