Inbound Route limitation

Hi Folks,

Our company has around 18,000 inbound route phone numbers that we need to import to FreePBX (latest upgrade 5.xx).
I searched all over internet to figure out how much is the limitation of inbound route you can create, but I didn’t find anything, but some suggested that it depends on our box cpu and ram, so I went ahead and imported 15,000 DIDs into our box and my system got a slow a bit.

Can anyone shed a light on what is the maximum number of inbound route you can have in freepbx?


Do you have 18,000 DIDs?

Yes, we have around 40-70k DIDs. I just imported 15k for test. I don’t intend to have all of them in one box. I know its excessive, but want to know how much I have to split between servers.


Does anybody knows how I can add Incoming Route not from GUI but from command line? In other words I’m looking for the database Asterisk uses to store incoming routes.

Asterisk multi-thread performance keeps getting better and better. That many routes in FreePBX is going to be unmanageable.

We faced this dilemma at about 1000 DID’s

I think you are OK with Asterisk, you just don’t need the overhead of FreePBX for all those routes.

FreePBX is just not designed for this space. You could write a simple parser as you only need two lines of Asterisk code per DID, IE:

exten => _2125551212,1,Dial(SIP/joesdeli-SIP/2125551212,60,g)
exten => _2125551212,2,Hangup()

Where, joesdeli is the name of the trunk or extensions peer.

You also owe it to yourself to look at freeswitch, that uses XML for dialplan and Kamilla/OpenSER