Inbound route forwarded to trunk does not work

FreePBX, Asterisk (Ver. 13.9.1) running several trunks and GV numbers.

Everything for the moment is doing what it supposed to do, but I slowly want to add some functionality.

Current issue: Google voice trunk auto forward to SIP/[email protected]:5060 so I have my USA DID autoforwarded to my phone at home.

I created an inbound route which works well if I assign a ringgroup -> No issue
If this same inbound route is assign to a custom created trunk which is assigned to SIP/[email protected]:5060, I have no succes.

Some questions:

  • Does my betamax supplier support SIPuri incoming calls ?
  • Is my setup the right solution direction ?

I would just send the call to your extension, rather than trying to route the call out through a SIP connection. You might be able to get it to work eventually, but I doubt it’s going to be an economical journey, in that you’re probably going to end up wasting a lot of time and not having it work particularly well in the end.

The conclusion: Asterisk works, and it is a local problem:

  • my DID account does not allow sip-uri calls and that is the only registration in my centrally used solution.
  • If I register with the betamax services it works great and I can forward the sip-uri to it.

Took some time to conclude this, but it works now by forwarding Freepbx to the phone number via a betamax provider that has freedays.