Inbound route for Withheld numbers

I want to create an inbound route that catches withheld numbers and sends them to an annocement, on the inbound route CallerID Number there are options for unkown, private, blocked but not withheld.

Has anybody done this and got it working.

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We are getting a few middle of the night calls from Whitheld numbers and the inbound routes only allow Blocked, restricted etc

I dont want to use the privacy setting as a caller could just enter any telephone number, is there a way to add withheld


Define the CallerID Number to be matched on incoming calls.

Leave this field blank to match any or no CID info. In addition to standard dial sequences, you can also put Private, Blocked, Unknown, Restricted, Anonymous and Unavailable in order to catch these special cases if the Telco transmits them.

To include “Withheld” in the list, put in an Issues ticket (look up).

The larger question is how to we stop spam calls that are spoofing inoperative and non-working numbers? To be clear, c9ompanies like Verizon aren’t going to help us in this. We’ve had a couple of variations of this question come up in the past few weeks, so it might be a good idea to look through some of those recent discussions and see of there are strategies that are applicable to your situation… For example, a couple of weeks ago, there was a question about only allowing calls from recognized Caller ID or Inbound numbers. That might be a strategy that you could explore.

Dave, thanks for the reply but

We dont know everybody that phones us, but the withheld are in the middle of the night and always silent, competitor perhaps

If you can identify the heuristics of a valid call (vice an invalid call), a custom context should be doable. At this time, I don’t know of anything that will magically decide which calls to allow and which ones not to…