Inbound route for multiple caller IDs


I am trying to configure FreePBX to use the same inbound route for multiple caller ID strings. I have two reasons for doing so:

  1. One VOIP provider sends US CID as 10-digit numbers while another provider prefixes “1” to the CID number.
  2. I use an IVR to screen callers and would like to set some callers to bypass the IVR and hit my extension directly.

I found that I can do this by defining individual inbound routes, but the screen is getting very cluttered very quickly. Is there a way in Inbound Routes to (1) address the prefixing issue or (2) define a list of numbers?

For the first issue (prefixes) I have tried used wildcards such as .8881234567 or _8881234567 but it didn’t work – numbers without the prefix were handled correctly but numbers having the prefix went to my default inbound route.

Thanks in advance,