Inbound route email/http notification

Hi Guru’s!

I have set up an inbound route for a phone number that I’m going to give to a few exclusive people. To keep track on it I would ik to send myself a email every time the inbound route is triggered or maybe do a trigger by http to my external system and from there send a email. Would something like this be possisble trough the GUI of freePBX?

You can set up a custom CID Lookup Source (Admin → CallerID Lookup Sources) that makes an HTTP(S) request to your external system and is called by the Inbound Route.

I can’t think of an all-GUI way to send the email directly, but you could create a Custom Destination pointing to code like this:
exten => s,1,system(put shell command to send your email here)
exten => s,n,return

CID Superfecta has a Send to Email option. Create a Superfecta with ‘trunk provided’ and ‘send to email’ then enable for the inbound route in question.

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On the inbound route I set: Enable Superfecta Lookup = Yes

On the Superfecta scheme I set: Send to email = Yes and provided a email address

But I did not receive any email, am I doing something wrong?

CID Superfecta’s primary purpose is to match a CID name to a number. It’s necessary to configure “trunk provided” to the scheme as well so that the CID details provided by the trunk will be used for the call.

I think I have this configured see my screenshot but it’s not working?

Hi Stewared, just wanted to let you know I build your first option and it works. It created a rest service that receives the [NUMBER] and sends me a whatsapp message to inform me about the gate opening. Thank you for your help.

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