Inbound route DID pattern


I would like to create a single inbound route for these three numbering presentations:


I have tried several patterns, but it doesn’t work.
Any idea?

“.” can only be used at the end of the pattern. It is not possible to match all these cases, assuming the 245551010 must be explicitly matched, in one pattern.

For north America, there is an alternative initial context that canonicalises numbers before the match is attempted. You could create your own version, for your country, as custom dialplan.

Thank you for the reply.

Where can I find an example to how to canonicalises numbers ?

Does your provider randomly send a different format every time?

The provider sends 0041245551010, but FreePBX is interconnected to 12 other PBXs and the users of these PBXs use the short version 0245551010 (national).

I just wanted to avoid creating the same route multiple times if possible. I already have 173 of them :rofl:

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