Inbound route CID pattern match for tollfree

Is there any way of doing a consolidated tollfree pattern match for caller ID in an inbound route? Thusfar I’ve used _800XXXXXXX but then need another for 844, 855, 866, 877, 888 so that ends up being 5 routes… times each DID I want to apply it to. Obviously pretty cumbersome. Obviously _8[045678][045678]XXXXXXX is going to catch some that I don’t want to catch… is there anything similar to _8[00|44|55|66|77|88]XXXXXXX or is that just a pipe-dream?





should be ‘future proof’ for 833 822 and 811 which are reserved toll free ‘area codes’


Thanks, will definitely bookmark that wiki and give that go.

Using the tried and true regular expression test…it looks like it could cause an aneurism so that means it probably should work :wink:

all that regex says is match anything that might or might not start with + and then might or might not have a 1 afterwards, then only match 8 and then any number between 2 and 9 that is repeated exactly twice then accept NXXXXXX where N and X should hopefully be common knowledge

If that causes heart problems, either take you nitro or see your doctor/therapist

Was able to try this today, unfortunately it pops up the “CIDNUM may only contain…” error dialog when trying to put it in the route… seems to hate both the ? and the curly brackets.

I think your first edit is more likely, absent a ‘feature request’ , I would think of using a simple inbound context using gotoif , much liike example 1 in

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