InBound Route Choice

I am pulling our what little hair I have left on trying to figure how to accomplice the following:

WE are using FPBX with Grandstream GXP 2170 phones and SIP Trunks

Our customer wants to be able to push a button on their Grandstream 2170 and select where the In-bound call is directed.This customer avoids using an IVR and likes as much as possible a “Live” answer on all calls.

Normally all DID’s are directed to a Ring Group, I will call this Mode 1. When ever their is a Holiday or some event that this customer wants their customer to know about, I have been using Call Flow Control *280 to send inbound callers to an Announcement then the destination to the Ring Group. I have programmed a VPK as a BLF for *280 to let the customer easily active call flow control. This is Mode 2. Now they want me to add a “Button” to send all inbound calls to the “Company Voice Mail” for Emergency meetings. A IVR with a time out set to 1 sec to the Voice mail will accomplish this
Is their a way to program a VPK for Mode 1 a separate VPK for Mode 2 and another VPK for Mode 3 ?? Or any other ideas will be welcome

I their a way to select with Announcement will be played ? One Announcement destination goes to the Ring Group the other Announcement destination to a Voice mail

Thanks to the Community, your experience has helped before and is appreciated.

This should be easy. Set up two Call Flow Controls, one for meeting and one for holiday. Assign a VPK for each. When Meeting is set, it routes to the meeting Announcement, which in turn routes to the appropriate voicemail (with no message). Meeting off routes to the Holiday flow control that you have now. There is no need for a dummy IVR.


Thanks Stewart. Some times the most simple solution escapes me. I tried as you explained and it work great.

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