Inbound Route based on DID and Time of Day?

I have my incoming routes set up to use a time based route. This works well. I’d like to expand on this somewhat. I’d like to define a DID based incoming route that uses different time conditions. Is this possible and if so how do I go about setting it up? Setting up the DID route is pretty simple but I don’t see how to attach a Time Group to it.

Time groups are groupings of times, such as business hours/after hours/holidays
Time conditions are the rules that route calls based on matching/not matching a time group

You would set your inbound route destination for the number dialed to point to your time condition, then route your call accordingly.

For example:
Inbound Route DID: 8005551234
Destination: Time Condition: Holidays

Time Condition Holidays
Match: Go to holiday greeting/voicemail/etc
No match: Go to Time Condition: Business Hours

Time Condition Business Hours
Match: Ring group/extension/queue/etc
No Match: Go to afterhours greeting/voicemail/etc