Inbound route based on CallerID Number?

CDR shows
CNAM: DoorBell
CNum: 1-pstn

But those fields put into inbound route Caller ID Number field don’t seem to make a difference.

I’m unsure of the best way to format it

DoorBell* ?
I’ve checked the CID Priortiy Route box.

And it makes me wonder if this is bypassing the inbound route somehow - its an cisco ATA setup as a trunk

The goal is to get it to a ringgroup so it doesn’t go to VM and instead just hangs up if unanswered so if there is another way to do that - that would be grand too…


That’s not a line from the CDR table. You need to look at the actual CDR entry so you can see what the box is sending so you can match it.

If it is set up as a trunk, just make the trunk context your own custom context that sends the call to the ring group you want it to go to.

Noop(doorbell context)
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