Inbound route already exists

I run multible servers. One of them has currently 47 inbound routes. a recently added inbound did is going directly to one extension.

when you call the did it goes somewhere … else … upstream points correctly, E911 is set correctly and in the server outbound id is set.

However the did will not show under inbound routes and when i try to add it a message appears that this route already exists. I added a different did to the same server added into the server and routed it to the same extension … all good.
Any ideas

If you filter by the DID (or part of the DID) that you are trying to add using the search box in the top right corner under Inbound Routes does anything show up?

No … I enter the DID into the search and it cannot be found. When i then go to add it and enter the routing to be saved it tells me the DID already exists.

If you export DIDs with Bulk Handler, what do you see? Can you fix it by editing the .csv with Excel and importing the result with Bulk Handler? (Take a backup before trying this, just in case.)

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