Inbound Ringtime

(Ali Ahmed) #1


I want to setup any incoming call from outside to immediately answer by IVR without any ring or just one ring , I tried to change setting in ringtime default but no change

Can any one help me , What is wrong ?



(David55) #2

You need two rings for caller ID to work in most places, except the UK, over analogue lines. How are you actually receiving the calls? (I don’t think you need the second ring, but you have to allow almost enough time for it.

How many rings are you actually getting, and how are you obtaining that figure? Ringback tone for the caller doesn’t correspond with actual rings and may start early.

What is “pause before answer” set to? There are reports of FreePBX actually answering too quickly, which suggests there are no deliberate delays, at least for VoIP: IVR answers with no ring

(Ali Ahmed) #3

Thank you for your reply

I am getting 3 rings but I need only one ring then route to IVR

but I was able to make it one ring , may be I forgot or there is something happen

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

If you look at the asterisk full log lines for an inbound call, it will tell you where the delays are. Things like caller ID lookup and fax detection can cause this. Share a call trace via pastebin:

(Ali Ahmed) #5

Thank you for your reply

Yes I think because it is Internet line