Inbound Recordings & Access via ARI to Recordings -

PBX Asterisk 11.6.0 FreeBPX Dahdi
About 72 hours old

I know I have forgotten something here, but I need someone to hit the CTL+ALT+DEL on my brain please –

I have a system that is supposed to record all inbound and outbound on five extensions and the recordings were in the var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory, now they seem to be in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/YYYY/MM/DD/ — An I only see files that begin as OUT- So I am not sure I am getting inbound calls.

On the old box PBX Asterisk 1.8.5 FreeBPX Dahdi 2.4.1.

All the recordings were in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor an started with OUT- or the YYYYMMDD- formats depending on rather they were inbound or outbound calls.

Access was always through the ARI client with the admin + password.

But now I can’t even get logged on with the admin + password.

Even after passwd-ari and confirming the password in amportal.conf

I have looked at a number of threads most import these two –

Any HELP ???