Inbound Pattern Matching

I have two incoming trunks, PSTN & SIP. I want to catch calls from “trusted phones” and send them to an IVR, yes I know it is easy to spoof the caller ID but it does not matter here. So, because the inbound caller ID’s are presented differently depending on which line they come in on, I have to maintain two different inbound routes for each trusted phone. I have tried a “wildcard” pattern match but it does not seem to work. For example matching on _123456789 works but _.23456789 does not.

Have I missed something here?

The . is a repetitive character, not a placeholder. What MIGHT work is something like this:


Trouble is I’m not sure offhand if the “repeating” character (the ! which I’m pretty sure means “zero or more instances of the previous character”) can go anyplace other than the end of the line, but it might be worth a shot - otherwise you may want to do some searching on Asterisk dial patterns to see what will work.

If I weren’t in a bit of a hurry I’d have time to look this up and give you a more definitive answer, but _.23456789 is definitely not proper.