Inbound/Outbound calls using existing cellular service and Cisco phone through FreePBX?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post and if the topic was already covered (I searched as well as I could with limited time). I purchased network equipment years ago (Cisco 2950’s/7960G/1841’s). I finally setup my rack and installed/configured a FreePBX/Asterisk server on the network. After using a time machine to travel back to the early 2000’s - I figured out how to setup a 7960G, tftp, dhcp, ntp, voice network,etc. Something I had not done from scratch before. My network is purring - dynamic routing protocols, tftp, dhcp, dns, firewalls galore…and a solid voice network.

After doing some research, I came across sip-ua. That allowed me to create a SIP Trunk for testing. I subsequently created extensions, outbound routes, etc. I have a dial plan, directory, soft phone using Zoiper and some others. Everything seems to work just fine and I think I understand how things work now.

I should mention that my main goal is studying for the CCNA (finally doing getting it before the February change). However, I wanted to have a voice network for testing/learning, but also to make calls without the small form factor of my pocket sized iPhone SE. I also like the sound of my desk phone and soft phone better on occasion. I like the soft phones (a few) on the PC, occasionally the iPhone if I need to with Zoiper, and a CTU24 ring tone loaded Cisco phone on my desk (as I age).

Equipment Summary:

  1. FreePBX/Asterisk Server (FreePBX 14 - OnPrem)
  2. Cisco IP Phone 7960G
  3. iPhone SE (Wi-Fi Calling Enabled)
  4. PAYG celluar plan
  5. Various Cisco Ethernet Network Equipment
  6. Wireless Network (Separate)

So, my question(s).

  1. Is it possible to make a call using the 7960G (desk phone) through my cellular carrier (existing PAYG plan) without utilizing a SIP Trunk? e.g. somehow use the iPhone SE as a proxy to cellular service and avoid needing a SIP trunk at all?
  2. Would this be Wi-Fi or can I use my existing wired network somehow?
  3. I have not fully researched Wi-Fi calling, so please feel free to enlighten me. However, I don’t mind if the connection is over 3G/4G at this time. Wi-Fi is preferred, but not a must have here.

Hopefully this is further clarification. I know right now I can hook up a “real” SIP trunk like UniTel Voice or when I find out what the rates are for SIP-UA, maybe them (waiting on an email). However, I am hoping to essentially use my hard wired desk phone or PC softphone to utilize the GSM or Wi-Fi network calling I already pay for and also utilize FreePBX/Asterisk in the process. If perhaps the suggestion is to use a “SIP2GSM” hardware device (additional purchase), please let me know that this is the only option with suggestions on model and configuration. However, I am looking for a way to avoid paying additional fees. I might consider a one time purchase of a hardware device if it is reasonable and take my GSM chip out when I need to make calls (I don’t mind that). I also may pay for UniTel if this doesn’t work out. The current SIP-UA connection is just for testing and the calls cut out super quick (since they are just for testing).

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Using the iPhone is an iPhone question, but I suspect the answer is no.

Asterisk has a community supported channel driver, chan_dongle that can be used with GSM USB dongles. I don’t know if FreePBX has built in support for configuring that. As it is community supported there may be limited help if it goes wrong.

A number of people make SIP based GSM gateways, that can be treated as a locally connected FreePBX trunk.

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