Inbound/outbound calls to hawaii

hi all,

i just recently setup a freepbx and bought sip trunk on
but the problem is i cant call hawaii since in my knowledge they dont support it,

and im just wondering if anyone has a solution for this? or if anyone knows a good sip trunk provider where i can use my freepbx/asterisk that can call hawaii with pretty much same rate as

thanks in advance

we are running a call center business here at philippines so we need unlimited inbound/outbound calling plans also we need at least 10 sip channels

our current voip provider is sipstation

What kind of volume to Hawaii (in minutes) per month?

Where are you located and who is your Internet provider?

With this info can make some suggestions.

Most call centers exceed the “normal usage” clause of unlimited trunks.

Since you need A-Z termination you should be working with a wholesale company such as (the providers of sipstation), Broadvox, Vitelity etc. that are designed to handle call centers and their needs.

does this providers supports hawaii? “sipstation” could have been so perfect if they only supports hawaii

Did you read the terms and conditions of SIP Station? I think your call center would not have fallen under “reasonable use”.

You need A-Z termination. This is an industry term for “everywhere”. and Broadvox both offer take or pay A-Z plans for call centers.