Inbound/Outbound Calls Failed - Two Trunks

Current Asterisk Version: 13.29.2

I currently use Voyant as the SIP provider. The freepbx server I have used for a client had one location, but since has expanded to two. I created a separate trunk on their website and set it up on the FreePBX. They are both registered. The new one, however, doesn’t seem to allow any calls in or out. I get a treatment that all circuits are busy. The calls on the first trunk work fine. All of the settings are identical to each other, minus the authentication and I used a different port number on the second one (6000 and 5060). Checking CDR, I do not see any of the inbound calls reflecting there. On Voyant’s site, I can see the inbound call attempts, but not on the FreePBX. What else can I check, or what am I missing with this type of setup?

Just to be clear, I have purchased and enabled the Class of Service module, so each trunk has their own defined users / ring groups appropriately. The first, original site works as intended.

Thank you for any insight.

You do not need a second trunk. Just route all the calls over the existing trunk.

The inbound calls get routed correctly by the Inbound Routing rules, regardless of the trunk they come in on.

The outbound calls get routed and (most importantly) caller ID set by the outbound route rules, not by the trunk.

Oh I did not realize that wouldn’t be issue. I figured a second trunk would be needed in order to differentiate outbound caller ID traffic between the two different locations.

Just to clarify on this then. Settings the outbound rules for each site, the route CID needs set, and following the example in the description, would that be in specific format? Such as E164 <+1##########> or just the number without the +? Does it need the country code, 1 in this case? I know with Voyant, I had to specify the number in the inbound rules as E164 format.

Just match whatever format you setup in your existing trunk or outbound route.

Here is a site with 4 offices on a single trunk.

The trunk has a specified outbound CID of the main office. Just in case something somehow gets here without a CID.

But the oubound CID that should be used is set on the outbound route…
(note, I need to clean these up to standardize them…)

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