Inbound IAX trunk, no DID


I recently installed a new machine with AsteriskNow after running a standard raw Asterisk install for many years. Im having problems with one of the IAX trunks being answered. I am positive its because in inbound routes, no DID I put in matches anything coming in from my provider…and looking at a verbose console of Asterisk I see:

Executing [[email protected]:1] ExecIf(“IAX2/xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx”, “1?Set(__FROM_DID=s)”) in new stack

So some questions:
Like for FXO (using ZAP CHannel DID) is there any way to assign a fake DID to an IAX trunk?
In my previous PBX install the IAX trunk would be given a unique context and then if something came in the context would be acted on…can that happen here?
Any other simple option?

I will try and see if the providor can send the DID but it was never important before. For now I have a “catch all” inbound route set up to route the call.


What does your register string look like? Normally you put the Did that will be sent by the provider in the form /did at the end of the register string.