Inbound Faxing

Hello guys,

at the moment we are using a external fax solution for fax2email.
I read much about fax2email with freepbx but i found no clearly answer of my question.
I only want 5 fax numbers with 5 different email destinations.
We are using PRI and SIP lines for incoming calls/faxes.

What i have to do?

  • only create a fax extension with a email address?
  • install one free digium license?
  • install spandsp?
  • buy freepbx faxpro modul?
  • hylafax - not what i really want

I searching for the easiest solution.

Thanks for help and please have sympathy with a none-pro (-:

Best regards

What distro are you using for FreePBX?


Then you dont need anythign else. it is all included.

Go into a extension and enable fax and set the fax to email address.

Then in your inbound route pick the destination of fax recipient and the user.

thanks a lot, it works, create work! (-:
I doesent create a special inbound route for fax recipients … that was the fault what i did.