Inbound Fax not working after ATA replacement

Background: My CISCO ATA failed and I replaced it with a Grandstream ATA. At the same time I moved two POTS devices to separate extensions. They had shared a single one via a physical splitter. One was a fax machine and the other was my alarm system. Both had been working fine on the CISO prior to it’s failure but I think it’s obvious why I wanted them separated.

The problem, and reason for this post: Prior to the ATA replacement incoming faxes were routed to an extension (290) and saved as a PDF and emailed. This is my preferred incoming fax method. However since the replacement incoming faxes are actually being routed to the physical fax machine (which is on ext 290).

My question then, is an incoming fax extension required to be a virtual extension instead of a real one? It may be a dumb question but I don’t see the answer in the WIKI. Is that most likely why my incoming faxes are being routed to the physical machine now or is it more likely that the Grandstream ATA is the culprit? It shouldn’t even hit the ATA on an inbound fax at all as the system should be grabbing it before that.

Solved: Discovered that the email address in user manager was a typo set to .om instead of .com. It’s all working again now.

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