Inbound Fax Detect

Hi, we get the odd fax that comes through to our main reception number so would like to enable fax detect. I have tried both the dahdi and sip settings but nothing seems to work.

If i use the DAHDI option i added the line “faxdetect=incoming” to the dahdi.conf file… didn’t work

I have also tried using the Sip setting and altering faxdetect=no to faxdetect=yes in the Sip_general_additional.conf file but when i reload the GUI it defaults back to faxdetect=no.

I can not work out how to change this setting.

I seem to remember a long time ago there was a menu option within the GUI called “general settings” and you could change fax detect there but that no longer exists.

All we want to do is detect incoming fax’s on our main reception DDI and send them to our existing Fax extension.

Any idea’s.

faxdetect=yes is set by default if you install the “Fax Configuration Module” if you are using FreePBX 2.11. However it is not set globally which is what you are trying to do (that is the wrong way). You just need to setup your inbound routes to use fax detection and then route to a valid fax destination.

Once you do that you will see this in extensions_additional.conf

extensions_additional.conf:exten => xxxxxxxxxx,n,Set(FAXOPT(faxdetect)=yes)
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HI, Thanks for the reply. We are using version We have the fax configuration module installed and have also set the relevant settings within it.

On our main inbound trunk we have fax detect enabled which is set to use sip and forward to our working fax extension.

Unfortunately it’s still not working. Instead of diverting to the fax extension our IVR just plays as if it were a normal voice based call.

As per the note above i can see in extensions_additional.con that the inbound number does have the Set(FAXOPT(faxdetect)=yes)

Any idea’s ?

Then the fax is not being detected. Try setting a longer timeout

You need to enable fax detection on your Inbound Route in addition to the PEER details of the Trunk (which should say faxdetect=yes).

Go to your inbound routes module, find the inbound route for the DID, find the option for fax detection, and enable it.