Inbound dynamic routes based on phonebook or CID

We’re having a massive issue with robocalls and sales calls. Blacklist helps with 5% of these. Is there a way we can have all calls go through a filter and if they’re in a “approved list” it’ll go to a destination, but if not on the “approved list” then it’ll go to another destination? I’m thinking the not approved will go to IVR where they’ll at least go to some prompts before getting to a receptionist who will then transfer calls.

Also would love an easy way to update that list by either pressing something like *33 to “approve” them or quick website to “approve” them.

I know there’s a custom module called dynamic route but looks like not updated in a few years so would rather have a solution that is better managed.

Of Robocalls and Whitelists should get you started.

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