Inbound DID to Conference

I have Trixbox running with a SIP binding from our telephone switch, we are using Trixbox as a MoH server and it is working well for that.

I would also like to use the Trixbox as a conference bridge. I am trying to setup a DID into the system that terminates on a conf. I have a trunk setup with the following in PEER Details:


I also have the following in Registration String:

For some reason, I cannot get the line to register to our phone switch.

Am i missing something in the PEER details? To just register a trunk, do I need the PEER details AND the registration string?


I guess you live in a cave.

trixbox project abandoned years ago. Since they ripped off our code we never had any love anyway. If you search “trixbox migration” we wrote a script that will release you from the shackles of trixbox and get you groovin’ on FreePBX distro

Well, NO, I don’t live in a cave…but thanks for ALL the help.
I guess I’ll go elsewhere…

Did you try the Trixbox forums I believe they are elsewhere? :slight_smile:


Please excuse how terse SkyKingOH may sound, his intentions are good. SkyKingOH did provide you with advice on how to migrate away from Trixbox to the FreePBX Distro without having to reinstall. The problem with us providing any help for trixbox is that we have no idea what version of Trixbox you are running and considering Trixbox abandoned its user-base one can only guess at how long it will be before some security vulnerability is found in that ancient software. Therefore we provide no help what-so-ever for trixbox, as if we did we would only perpetuate people using it.

Trixbox kindly shutdown their own forums two years ago.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll consider migrating, but in my case, I’m using the system only for MoH for my Metaswitch and its working for that. I just want to be able to terminate a line fro my Meta to the system for conferencing, if possible.

Yes, the “living in a cave” was a bit much. Our feelings on tribox and what they did to us are still quite raw. At one point they distributed real FreePBX and I spend years of my life helping support that project before FreePBX put out a distro because it was the most accessible way for most folks to install Asterisk and FreePBX.

I think it takes a lot of gall to expect us to support trixbox. It’s just like the folks that get miffed because we don’t answer Asterisk questions either. Many of the people here know a lot about Asterisk, not enough hours in the day to be all things to all people.

You struck a nerve and I struck out. Sorry about that.