Inbound Connection - No audio

Hi guys,


  • SIP Device (GigaSet Phone) directly connected to the internet with public IP
    ext: 101 (NAT: yes; QUALIFY:yes; reinvite: no)

  • FreePBX connected to the internet via Dynamic NAPT
    Portforwardings to FreePBX (UDP): 10001 - 20000 + 5060 - 5070
    FreePBX Settings for NAT: yes; Static IP:; Local Networks:; fromdomain=host.domain; reinvite: no


All calls can be made between all extensions and PBX with audio. Except the above setup extension with number 101.

This is the only extension which is not on the internal network AND is not connected to the internet via it’s own NAT-enabled router. This device is connected directly to the internet with a public IP on a remote location.

Inbound and outbound calls to the extension can be made but there is only one-way-speech. So everything works, except inbound audio on this particular extension. The only difference I see is the public IP address on the device itself = NO NAT.

Can anyone assist please, I am willing to send detailed info/log/debug when asked for.

Thanks in advance, kind regards

Anyone? :slight_smile: