Inbound CID shown twice since upgrade of FreePBX

Hi all,

2 days ago I’ve upgraded our system from FreePBX v2.2.1 to v2.5.1. Everything works like a charm, except for the following. Our phones are showing the inbound CID twice on their display. So it shows i.e. 0123456789: 0123456789.

I quess it’s not even a problem, but I think it’s a kind of strange and I can’t find what’s causing it. All I know is that it started since I’ve upgraded…

I hope someone knows where to find the correct setting.

Thanks in advance.



Could it be 2.5 is now setting the CID Name as well as the CID Number to the inbound CID, and your phones are displaying both?

If you do an internal call, is the format simiar (i.e. Fred:121)?