Inbound CID manipulation similar to Google Voice

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I am using FreePBX 14 on Asterisk 11

Is there a way to manipulate the inbound caller ID on specific routes to show the called DID as the caller ID? Google Voice allows you to do this so you can determine when someone is calling your Google Voice number that forwards to your cellphone.

The powers that be do not want to use a softphone to accomplish this when their phones are forwarded to cellphones so I was hoping that there was a way to manipulate this in FreePBX

Thank you!

Google is just reusing the CLIP in as the CLIP out.
FreePBX does this if your provider supports it.

You can use the Set CallerID module to make CID changes. To user the dialed DID, change the CID (name or number) to:

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I made this work using the Set Caller ID module, thank you!

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