Inbound CID issues

I’m not sure if this is the correct spot, sorry in advance.

I have FreePBX distro setup in a VM, I have 2 ATA’s (Obi 110 and Linksys SPA3102), set as extensions incomming calls and outgoing.

When someone dials in, I get ~1 ring (about 10 seconds), call pickup, (on a cell phone the call seems to be connected), in this time the freePBX system is not touching the phone call. After ~10 seconds/2 rings, FreePBX registers the call and it’s processed.

I have changed the CID Wait time to 0, but all CID information is lost and we don’t get who is calling…Just the login/username of either the Obi, or Linksys. When this happens, the call is immediately connected to FreePBX…

Are there settings on Obi/Linksys that I can mess around with, the call is still passed to FreePBX, same with CID, or do they have to see CID before they can pass it along?

This is a minor annoyance that people have complained to me…By using FreePBX our phone has dropped almost half from 150.

This is a home connection…