Inbound calls

Disclaimer 1st, I am a MS/Novell/Citrix OS guy, this is my 1st linux box. I am not a telecom guy. I ultimately want to replace my NORTEL BCM50 with this asterisx/freepbx box.

I am running the latest AsteriskNOW with the last core of FreePBX (just did all upgrades). I bought a TE420 card and worked with digium who remoted in and said hte drivers were installed ok, this card is for the transition of my Current T1 PRI circuit to the asterisk box. To start the testing I also got a ViaTalk SIP account, and confgured it to make calls.

So I got a VIaTalk account, and configured the ‘trunk’ and can make outbound calls w/o an issue. I can not get inbound to work. I am not sure what I am missing.

I would be willing to hire someone to assist, in this initial stage o the game. I want it setup right from the start. I think my HW is ok, ir’s a dell PE 1425 Dual 3.0 Zeon, with 4GB RAM, and 2 160 Sata drives.

I am working off CENTOS5

email is [email protected]


The best thing would be to grab any of the guides from one of the many ISO distro’s that are out. Once the software is installed 99% of the rest is identical from one system to the next as they all use FreePBX., (Not that I support trixbox, just that they are very well written guides), has several different flavors.

see also

These guides will walk you through setting up a sip account and testing, plus give you a huge jump in the learning curve.