Inbound calls


Is there a way i can get a trunk to place calls and not receive calls? Kindly assist.


No, trunks don’t place calls. Extensions place calls which are transported by trunks to remote servers.

Setting up ‘outbound’ only trunk is dead simple. Get an account with almost any provider and don’t get a DID number. If there’s no way to route the call to you, it will be “inbound only”. CallWithUs provides this server on a pre-paid basis.

Thanks! What i mean is, is it possible to get one line to be inbound strictly and the other outbound. I’ve got trunks, inbound and outbound routes setup good and well :wink: now i just need to make sure calls go to the line(s) which we want.
Also, i have 2 grandstream gateways (GXW4104 and 08) which i want FreePBX to point to. Their IP’s are .234 and .235 respectively with the same username and passwords. How do i go about this because i changed the host to their IP’s but i cant get calls to go through the .235 gateway.

Set up the trunks and use IP specific settings for each one (allow the incoming connection from a single IP address for each).

Set up your outbound routes so that the trunk you want to use is first in the route order and set up the rules so that the calls you want to go out use that route and trunk.

If you want more information, you need to provide more details. What you are asking is really fundamental to using Asterisk, so it might be time to read a book.

Thanks! It is now sorted.