Inbound calls written to asterisk phone book!

Can anyone help me track this issue down? I have a customer who when a calls comes in, the number gets written into the asterisk phone book!

Example. I go to Asterisk phone book in FreePBX. I empty the phone book. I call a ddi on their system. My CLI gets recorded as an entry in the phone book.

It only records unique callers, so if I call again nothing will happen. But each unique caller gets an entry.
How has this happened?

It’s an option in creating a CID Lookup where you can ‘cache results’. It is cached in the the Asterisk Phonebook.

Thank you,
That was indeed turned on. I have turned it off. The main problem was that it occasionally had cached a name and number from contact manager, then when the entry was changed in contact manager, the old name was displayed when the number called in again.

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