Inbound calls working / Outbound calls not working

I’m very new to the FreePBX platform and upgraded one of our client’s Sangoma PBX to the latest available version (FreePBX v15.0.23). We initially had issues with inbound calls not completing and we were able to resolve it by running through the “setup-sangoma” process via SSH, but now outbound calls don’t work. I can generate CDR reports and see all the inbound calls completing, but no outbound calls reach the PBX. Whenever someone makes an outbound call from the location it gives them a “All circuits are busy now. Please try your call again later.” message.

DAHDI Config page


All circuits are busy now could be caused by a wrong outbound rule.

Just making sure do you have the sysadmin PRO to take a packet capture from the PBX and check what is happening?

by the meantime could you post some of your:
Ext privileges
Outbound rules configurations

Hi Fernando, thank you for replying. I’m not sure what “Sysadmin PRO” is. As I stated before, I’m very new to this platform. I also don’t know where to find the “ext privileges” that you requested.

Outbound rules

Dial Patterns

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Sysadmin Pro is the paid version of the System Admin module. It can assist with making packet captures, but is not required.

Lets start with providing a call trace via pastebin. Share the log entries of a failing call using the steps on this wiki page: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

the sysadmin pro is a feature to take a capture as the last comment stated.

What about if you create another outbound route with a pattern x. just in case is pattern issue.

Just another keys:
Do you know how your provider auths your calls? Username? IP?

I guess the Caller ID could be also an issue for your provider

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