Inbound calls to ring groups no audio

Hey Everyone,

I recently ran into an issue where all inbound calls that point directly to a ring group seem to have no audio both ways. I have multiple DID’s on my PBX all through Flowroute and the others work fine. Whenever I set the inbound route to a ring group, I try to call and it will ring, but as soon as I pickup there is no audio either direction. I already checked my firewall settings and they all look good. I noticed a few module updates occurred last night. Could this be a possible cause? If I set the inbound route directly to an extension or something, it works fine. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.


In Asterisk SIP Settings, confirm that External Address and Local Networks are correctly set. If you change these, you must restart (not just reload) Asterisk.

Do a test by changing Play Music On Hold for the Ring Group from ring to default. Does the caller hear the music? Does the extension still ring? Is there audio in either direction when the extension is answered? If you dial the ring group number directly from an extension, does that work correctly?

Describe your system: If cloud, where? If on-site, physical or virtual? If virtual, platform? Phones on same LAN as PBX? Firewall make/model? Endpoint make/model? Any VPN, signaling or RTP encryption, transcoding, etc? Versions of modules Framework, Core, Ring Groups?


Thanks for your prompt reply. Looks like the update wiped out my External Address and Local Networks. I didn’t realize that I had to restart Asterisk in order to apply those settings - thanks for the tip!

After reapplying those settings, it seems to be working well now. Thanks so much for your help!

Out of curiosity, why would this only affect inbound calls to ring groups? I have to other numbers on the system, one pointing to an IVR and one pointing directly to an extension and they didn’t have a problem. If the SIP settings are invalid (or not present, in this case), wouldn’t all inbound calls have issues?


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