Inbound calls to "Other (custom) Device" are muted

Help please,

I have created an extension “Other (custom) Device” type, and it works perfectly when calling from an extension. Even when transfering a call from an extension to it. The configuration for that custom extension is simple. I just put this value:

This device uses custom technology.
dial: Local/[email protected]

677777777 is the telephone number that is called when someone calls to this extension.

BUT, if I send and incoming call directly to that extension, it is fully muted. The caller an called can’t listen anything.

Any idea? I really need to fix this.


I forgot saying inbound and outbound calls are stablished with a sip company.

Still trying to get it working…

This is what happend after waiting 31 seconds before the call is automatically hunged up:

check_rtp_timeout: Disconnecting call ‘SIP/Myprovider-00000000’ for lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds

Any idea??

Answer the call before transferring it. You can do this with a blank recording and the systems recording module.

Thanks guy!

It works and it solves my problem.

anyway, why is this happening? I have configured sip.conf with externip, localnet, nat=yes, etc. and it only happens in this way.

Any idea?