Inbound calls ring twice then dead air

I have a strange issue affecting two DID’s. Inbound calls will ring twice on the receivers end and then nothing happens after that (dead air). The caller however will hear roughly 7-8 rings and then will either reach the voicemail or sometimes not reach the voicemail and the phone call ends. I’ve tried rebooting the two phones affected as well as rebooting our entire PBX system but that didn’t help. This started happening yesterday and I didn’t make any changes to the PBX system that would affect this. Any help would greatly be appreciated. We use Vitelity as our SIP trunk provider and they were having some issues yesterday but they have stated those issues have been resolved. I opened a ticket with them anyway just to make sure everything is ok on their end. I am not sure what could randomly cause this to happen so I’m posting this issue here in hopes that someone has ran into a similar issue.

Edit: I did want to note that changing the “Ring Time” for the extension from “Default” to “15” had no effect on the phone - it still only rings twice and then dead air.

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