Inbound Calls Not Working - receive message "we're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed"

I am setting up a new Asteriks FreePBX system and I have my outbound calls working without any issues. However, I am not able to receive inbound calls.

I receive a message stating “we’re sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed”.

My settings on the trunk are as follows:


The context from-internal does not have access to your inbound routes. I suggest you read the wiki and follow those directions.

the reason being is that since posting this issue I configure a generic inbound route for all calls to go to a call group which includes all extensions. Each of these extensions has this setting configured. This works without any issue. The issue I have having now is that I cannot call any of the DIDs directly even though I have setup individual routes for each of them.

Exactly, which bit of my post did you not understand?

And more important than anything else, you didn’t answer my question which said basically “DID YOU READ THE WIKI YET” (because it’s all there)

We await your answer . . .

wasisyed - You have the same problem, wrong context. What can we do for you?