Inbound Calls not reaching PBX server

Okay so I am having an issue with inbound calls not reaching my PBX server, I double checked the ports on my Firewall and am able to connect to SIP Station. I can make outgoing calls fine. Whenever someone calls in it never rings just nothing for about 30 seconds and disconnects. I checked logs and don’t even see the call hit the PBX.

Note: My method of getting logs is to run the command sip set debug on, then call from an outside line, run sip set debug off, and then view the log in the GUI. If I need to try another way please let me know.


On the PBX, run sngrep and see whether INVITEs appear on an attempted incoming call. If so, the call is likely being blocked by FreePBX firewall (though the default settings shouldn’t do that).

If not, your hardware router/firewall is likely misconfigured.

Please post: Using registration or IP auth? Is trunk pjsip or chan_sip? Have you changed Port to Listen On (pjsip) or Bind Port (chan_sip)? Router/firewall make/model? Port forwarding or other special settings in it? Does router have a public IP on its WAN interface? If not, why (connected via ISP’s gateway, ISP does NAT, etc.)?

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