Inbound Calls Fail

Folks, I have FreePBX and have about ten DIDS, some setup as conference, some as ring groups and some going to Extensions. I am having an issue with several DIDS when they are dialed my SIP provider is saying that it is hitting my PBX an then trying to make an Outbound call? Can anyone shed light on this?

Not without at least enough details to tell us which of the myriad FreePBX and derivative systems you are using.

Hint, though - check the logs. They will tell you why you are routing internal calls out to the external trunks.

Using VOIP.MS as my provider
I checked Asterisk Log Files (Full) and only see an Outbound call that I made today, but not any Inbound calls coming in, nor outbound calls going out as I do in my VOIP.MS CDR log. They do not hit the FreePBX CDR Log.


Why? Did you setup failover?

I have at least a DID with them that if it is called and my PBX can’t process them automatically redirect the call to a ring group that contains the phone number of people who should normally handle calls to this DID…

Are you using the main account or a subaccount for your PBX and what does their Portal home page say about its registration status?

Are you using for your trunk the same server you assigned to this account/subaccount?

Is this a new setup or did it use to work?

Good luck and have a nice day!