Inbound Calls dropping after IVR, not with DID

I have a super weird situation. My PBX has been running for years, 2 weeks ago we had a power outage (which I think is unrelated, but that’s the last ‘event’ that we’ve had) but the PBX has been running fine since and has been mostly fine for many years (issues mostly revolved around external changes like new firewalls). No changes to the PBX or Firewall has happened recently, no external IP changes etc. Today inbound calls are being dropped after ~25 seconds, but only calls that go through our IVR. Direct Dial numbers do not experience any drops.

Scenario 1
Dial main number
IVR answers and plays greeting
I immediately enter extension to transfer
extension answers
call drops after ~25

Scenario 2
Dial main number
IVR answers and plays greeting
Listen to full greeting which is ~40 seconds long. No disconnect
I enter an extension call drops after ~25 seconds

Scenario 3
Call a different number that is a direct line to same extension as above.
talk for 2 minutes, no disconnect
get transferred to secondary extension
talk for another 1 minute, no disconnect, I hang up.

It seems like it’s got to be something related to the IVR transferrring, but I don’t have a clue.

Here’s a pastebin of the full call logs

Thank you!


I read somewhere today that there is a service disruption with Bandwidth Check with their support.

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