Inbound calls delay

I have 19 trunks and 25 inbound calls and for every number it takes 10 seconds for the IVR to answer.

What can I check/do to solve?

I’m assuming this is SIP, as you didn’t say, and also note that 19 trunks is excessive. Many people only have 1. A trunk, by definition, can handle multiple simultaneous calls.

Make sure that all your DNS servers respond promptly This sounds like a DNS timeout followed by a fallover to another server, or to a hosts file.

Also provide the full log, with verbosity at least 5, and with the appropriate CLI command, for your, unnamed, channel driver, to enable detailed protocol logging.

Isotale a call trace from the asterisk full log. The time stamps will indicate if the delay happens on the pbx and where. If it doesn’t show up in the trace then you probably want to escalate to your provider(s):

It seems a provider problem, maybe I have too many connections to the same server because I have single numbers.

First line for the call appears after this delay, so I assume it isn’t Asterisk.

– Executing [50172********@from-trunk:1] Set(“PJSIP/Generic-00000747”, “__DIRECTION=INBOUND”) in new stack

Quite a bit happens, including DNS lookups, before you get t the first dialplan line execution.

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