Inbound Calls Always Video - Can I Disable Video on PJSIP Trunk?

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With an older FreePBX Distro pbx (10.13.66), incoming calls were always audio-only. Call comes in, pick up the handset, and you were on an audio-only call.

After building a new PBX (SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2 I think; not an upgrade or migration), incoming calls now default to video mode (just pick up the handset) displaying an unfriendly black screen to the user.

BTW, if the user selects ‘Audio Call’ on the ringing phone, it’s a normal audio-only call. (Grandstream GXV3275)

Extension-to-extension video calls work fine…never tried a video call to the outside world…unimportant to us.


Do I want to just disable video calling on the inbound PJSIP trunk?

How would I best do that?

Is there a better way to control this behavior?

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p.s. Searching found only older info on this subject, so I opened a new topic.

This is (IIRC) because of the CODEC selection on the call. If both phones are capable of video calls and the video codec (I don’t remember the code) is enabled on the phones and on the lines, you will get video calls. If you want to “disable” video calling, you can select the audio codec as the default, or disable the video codec on the specific extensions you don’t want to have video on. Making the audio codecs the default might also make the video go away.

Be warned though that, unless you’ve installed the “mind controller” module, there’s no way the phone will know whether you want video or not without the press of the “audio only” button.

Hi Dave, and thanks for your reply!

I’m fairly certain the codecs are all configured properly…probably by default. I think the order is fine, with ulaw at the top of the voice codec list and h264 at the top of the video codec list. I could disable video calling completely, I’m sure, if that’s what was desired.

Voice and video codecs are listed separately, so I don’t see how I would prioritize an audio codec over a video one.

I’m really looking forward to the official release of the “mind controller” module! :wink:

Still, I think it should be easily possible to disable the video codecs for a trunk…in a way that keeps users from seeing a black screen (video call with no video) on calls from outside.

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I’ve not tested it, but using “disallow=h264” on your outgoing SIP trunk should “solve” your problem.

Hi again, and thank you very much, Dave.

I’m not very familiar with PJSIP. I always used CHAN_SIP previously…and I have not yet been brave enough to use PJSIP for customers. This is on our own PBX…

Apparently, there is nowhere to add “disallow=h264”. I’m probably being dumb…

The only CODECs listed for a (PJSIP) trunk are audio codecs. No video CODECs listed (choices)…

Apparently, PJSIP trunks don’t support video…haven’t tried though.

Apparently, this is a logic problem in FreePBX? Somehow a video CODEC is negotiated with the video-enabled phones even when the trunk is not video capable? WAG-ing…

Thank you again, Dave.


I’m not a PJ-SIP adherent yet, so my experience runs to Chan-SIP. Go ahead and call me a Luddite, but you young whip-snappers need to get off my lawn…

As far as I’ve seen, PJ-SIP does support video and with a great deal of facility. Now, important to remember part: when your phone connects to something, it’s connecting to the server, so the connection from the phone to the server needs to (and apparently does) support Video. The server itself is well-documented to support video calling with both Chan-SIP and PJ-SIP. If both legs (phones to server) support video and request video support, you are likely to get it.

I’d suggest running a SIP TRACE on one of these calls and posting the results here. I’m by no means a video call expert (remember, get off my lawn) but I’m sure there are people here who understand the subtleties of what you’re trying to accomplish…

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