Inbound Call Routing with Call Flow Control and DID Routing

I have a situation where a single person is answering calls from several remote offices and I’d like for them to only have to toggle a single call flow control. During the day multiple DID’s ring to her and she answers based on CID prefix but at NIGHT I’d like her to be able to toggle call flow control once and send the caller to a different greeting based on the DID they called.

For example,
If the flow looks like this for day; DID1>Inbound Route>Call Flow Control-Day>Ring Ext 1000.
DID2>Inbound Route>Call Flow Control-Day>Ring Ext 1000.

Night would look like this: DID1>Inbound Route>Call Flow Control 1-Night>Greeting 1.
DID2>Inbound Route>Call Flow Control 1-Night>Greeting 2.

It seems I either need to toggle two (or more) call flow controls with one button push or be able to route based on dialed DID AFTER the flow control.


For each DID, use a Time Condition with no Time Groups, all associated with one Call Flow Control.

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This would be a good Wiki topic, I think, especially if we could expand it to cover all of the ways that this could be set up. We’ve covered it here in the forums several times. It would be really cool if someone that wasn’t familiar with the system were to go through the process and write up the steps. After that, the rest of the people that are familiar can look at it and make sure the steps are all needed and correct.

For @Stewart1’s technique, it’s required to first enable “Hook Time Conditions Module” in Advanced Settings, which is disabled by default.

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the late reply. But hook time conditions worked and is doing what the customer needs to have done. Thanks!

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