Inbound call routing to one phone. Outbound calling to one trunk

I am using FreePBX 2.4.0 with Asterisk

I have one trunk card with 4 analog trunks. I want to take three of these and put it in one trunk group that rings all phones but one. The other trunk needs to ring only to the other phone and only one phone, so I suppose it needs to be in another trunk group?

Also, I would like the single phone to dial only from the single trunk, not from any of the four total trunks.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the FreePBX interface, but I can’t figure out how to make this happen.

Please help!!

Inbound: Make an inbound Route and the destination the desired extension. If you are having any issues making that work see How to get the DID of a SIP trunk when the provider doesn’t send it (and why some incoming SIP calls fail)

Outbound: See How to give a particular extension different or restricted trunk access for outgoing calls

For inbound, use Zap Channel DIDs. Make the first 3 entries for the first three channels and define some ‘DID’ that is the same repeated for each. Make the 4th entry for the 4th channel and assign another DID for it.

Now make two routes associated with each DID you created and route them appropriately.

For the outbound FreePBX does not support that standard. You can use the unsupported custom-context module for that, and there are a handful of other options I think some of them mentioned in the above referenced link.

Sorry, I had somehow missed the part about “I have one trunk card with 4 analog trunks” … I don’t have any analog trunks here so that part went right over my head. So for inbound, definitely follow Philippe’s advice, not mine!

I’m gonna give it a try… I may have to post a follow-up later.