Inbound call routed to calling extension

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I would like to know if I can realize a call routing function without having to use an IVR. There’s a GSM trunk connected to my freepbx via a 3g dongle (chan_dongle) which works good. I would like that every time I place a call through that trunk, the incoming call should be forwarded back to the calling extension, and if that extension isn’t available then the call should be forwarded to a default extension. This is useful especially when the destination of the outgoing call is busy or not reachable.


Any hints? :slightly_smiling_face:

Whilst I don’t have an answer for FreePBX and couldn’t give a simple one for Asterisk, is you requirement to record the last internal caller ID used when making an outbound call on the trunk and route subsequent inbound calls to that number? It wasn’t very clear to me, but that was the only interpretation that seemed to make sense.

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This is certainly not built into FreePBX. @lgaetz wrote something that might be useful to you -

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Hi David. That’s the situation, yes.

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