Inbound call pin number

Hey there,

I’m looking for an automated method of supporting inbound call pin number access.

Essentially, I’m looking for the following flow –

  1. User visits our website and creates support ticket
  2. The ticket is created and adds a pin number into the phone system
  3. The user dials in and enters in the pin number provided
  4. Once the support ticket is closed, the pin number is scrubbed from the phone server

I’m open to suggestions. I’m custom building the support desk, so custom API integration is no problem. I just need to be pointed in the right direction as I’m certainly no FreePBX or Asterisk specialist. I just know how to make it work as an out-of-the-box phone system. I’ve never tried to do anything this complicated!

I wrote a script and how-to post to interface with TimeTrex (search the forum for TimeTrex) from a phone. While it’s a completely different application, all the pieces are there if you want to look there. The custom-context is probably going to be the useful part for you.

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