Inbound call handling

If one looks at FreePBX from the perspective of “incoming call handling” as it appeaers in the INBOUND ROUTE configuration page, one can see that various options are available like IVR, Phone Directory, Terminate, Extension, Voicemail.

While IVR provides again the same options, the same can not be said for the remaining alternatives.

Couldn’t that logic be generalised with the exception for those situations where the choice is clearly terminal?

In particular I’m interested in handling the call after having passed it to an extension and the same resulting either BUSY, TIMEOUT or in other state.
I would like, for instance, to send the call to an IVR when the extension is busy. How may I do that?

Thanks for pointing me the proper page if this question has been answered before.


I really need some help with this from the community. Can it be done?
Can pls somebody knowledgeable kindly provide advise?


It looks to me that the FOLLOW ME feature should be the answer to my own question. I’ll give it a try.