Inbound call from our sip server

Hi gurus,

I have the following:

-one internal freepbx with 2 trunks
-one sip trunk to voip ISP and everyting is fine (can make calls)
-one sip trunk to another freepbx (on internet) and everyting is fine (can make calls)

I don’t have to do anything to our outside trunks working fine !!!

But now how can i make a trunk from our freepbx that are on internet to our internal freepbx. Our internal freepbx only have a internal ip and is being “natted” to internet.

If the PBX on Internet has a static IP use an IAX trunk and register to the machine with a public IP.

The system will get it’s IP from the registration. Set host=dynamic on the public box and host=ip of public on the remote box.

Hi i make this but i can’t see the iax peer on the public freepbx !!!

You need to post complete information.

Versions, your trunk config, log information etc.

I again,

I’m already make a sip trunk from our internal freepbx to our external freepbx.

With this setting i can make calls from internal to external (everything is fine)

When i register a phone on external freepbx and call an extension like xxx@internal_ip_address of our internal freepbx i receive the call but i’m not have audio on the phone that are registered on external freepbx, on internal phone i listen everything!!!

hi again

i change again to a iax2 trunk and now its working i have to open 4569 udp port on my firewall to my nat ip asterisk box !!!